Articulate Design by artist Julie Robertson

Bobson Farm School Visits


Have Bobson Farm Visit Your School

Book Julie Robertson and Sharon Perry to visit your school for an interactive Bobson Farm story time tailored for preschoolers through to young primary students. Along with story time the children will have the opportunity to view the original illustrations, inspiring and encouraging creativity in any young budding author/illustrators.

Thank you Julie and Sharon for coming to William Carey Christian School last week to speak to Years 1 and 2. The children really enjoyed learning about how the book Phineas Pig and the Mud Puddle was developed. The kids were totally engaged as they cuddled the cushion characters, saw the production pictures and enjoyed the story.

We look forward to hearing about the next adventures of the animals of Bobson’s farm.
— William Carey Christian School
Both the children and staff found your visit very valuable. The children were fascinated with the process of making a story book. You explained the steps involved in making a story very clearly and it was at the children’s level of understanding. They are now going to begin to make their own stories.

We are all eagerly waiting for the next story about Harriet Bird.
— Macarthur Preschool
Kindikids Early Learning Centres would like to warmly thank author Sharon Perry for providing our children with a love of literacy by engaging in a special story telling experience for our book week celebrations!

Phineas Pig and the Mud Puddle story captivated our children as they were able to identify familiar animals that appeared at ‘Bobson Farm’. The use of plush animals as props for children to hold throughout the story left our children on the edge of their seats waiting for the animal to appear!

The Phineas Pig and the Mud Puddle story were also purchased by our families, where the love of the story has continued in the home environment.

We thank you for such a valuable reading experience and look forward to future books within the series.
— Kindikids Early Learning Centres
My daughter was fortunate enough to have you come to her school and talk about your books. She was so excited about hearing how you write, illustrate and get the books published, that this has changed her views on what she wants to be when she grows up...Just wanted to extend my gratitude for providing a positive role model experience.
We put both of the books on offer and she is reading them with enthusiasm.
— Susan - a mum from one of our schools

Our presentation includes not only a story time, but also a discussion around the process of creating and publishing a book, displaying of original artworks, along with artisan cushion characters for children to hold and answer questions about after the stories are read. We also have a question and answer time at the end in which the children tend to have some very interesting questions about all of the different stages of the process of creating a book, and of course some funny ones about the characters themselves.

Our business model:
We are more than happy to come in and present this at no charge to your school, requesting only that a pre-order form goes home in the lead up to the incursion. We have no minimum order to secure your visit.

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Sharon Perry and Julie Robertson

 Julie has been painting these animals for many years and would often be told that they should be turned into children’s books. With a plethora of art as inspiration, author Sharon Perry had no problem writing these beautiful books with Julie, giving her an even greater platform to continue painting and exploring the world of Bobson Farm, a place of colourful ball trees, square dogs and nervous little birds that use umbrellas.


Artisan Linen Cushion Characters

Original cushion characters from the books designed and created by Julie Robertson for the children to hold throughout the presentation, increasing their engagement with the books.

Original Illustrations

We believe this greatly enhances story time, fueling creativity, leaving the children with a sense of excitement with regards to possibly creating a book themselves one day. We show how the illustrations began as very basic sketches, becoming full colour illustrations, which then went on to form the books through creative graphic design.