Articulate Design by artist Julie Robertson

Bobson Farm

Bobson Farm Inc.jpg

Bobson Farm

a place of colourful ball trees, square dogs and nervous little birds that use umbrellas

This body of work is a selection of original illustrations, acrylic on canvas paper, from my Bobson Farm collection, which have been turned into a series of children’s picture books in recent years. The first book, Phineas Pig and the Mud Puddle, was published in 2014. Harriet Bird’s Big Mystery was subsequently published in 2016, with a 3rd book in the pipeline.

I have been painting these animals for many years and I would often be told that they should be turned into children’s books. With a plethora of art as inspiration, author Sharon Perry had no problem writing these beautiful books with me, giving me an even greater platform to continue painting and exploring the world of Bobson Farm.

Personifying these animals has been the most fun I have had in my career and these endearing works are loved by children and adults alike. I recently had a woman ask her family to buy several of my works for her 80th birthday, and as she finished selecting what she wanted, she leant over to me and quietly asked “Am I too old for this?” to which I promptly replied, “If it makes you happy, you are never too old."